Saturday, August 23, 2008

1st Annual Soiree!

It's safe to say The First Annual  Apotheca CreativeContributers Soirre was a blast!  However, in order to Properly Prepare for the evening, we were forced to cage the crazy children...

Once the coast was clear, we were ready to set the stage to thank 
everyone who have given of their creative selves to help make the Shoppe an inspiring place to be!  Christi (our back pocket Martha) did an incredible job preparing some fantabulous and aesthetically pleasing selections!  Award winning and a once White House chef Damian (of Damian's on the River) knocked  our socks off as well.  

Dessert was provided by our Allyn Way of Sweet Comfort Farm.  She and her husband are incredible and her chocolate croissant fan club is growing on a daily basis!

There's my Momma and Terri Curtis of Tashi Designs--BEAUTiful Dichroic Glass work.  Also, in the white with black dot--my dear friend and top designer Cynthia Mailhot.  She is marketing coordinator for GM Roth, owns BeDazzled Events, shared many a pearl of wisdom with me, and will be teaching our floral design course on Thursday, September 25!!!

Jerry (he and his wife own The Framer's Gallery in Bedford) caught Kristin taking his pix.  Behind him is the lovely Michelle Dyson--she teaches fine art at the Londonderry Highschool (we met in line at the DMV--I loved her funky Dansko shoes and had to ask where she got them) and has some gorgeous traditional paintings; BUT her pottery is anything but traditional.  People have started to collect her little gnome houses and textures churches. Diane Sage ( in the harlequin shirt to the left, is one of the best wedding photographers in New England--don't worry, she wasn't sitting alone for long!

The fabulous Katie (she's been working for Disney for years designing licensed children's products with Patti ( and my fairy friend Sue--seamstress, dollartist, 
and 17th century soul trapped in 2008.

I kept telling Kristin that she COULDN't work tonight!  But she wouldn't listen...

Mr. Larry Brown...the king of Goffstown (we all know that Sandy's really the one in charge!)
There's my Martha! 

Patti and the backside of a really cool shirt belonging to Nancy Gamache, 
a talented lady with an incredible eye!

Mr. John is running for state rep (see his bald and beautiuful head to the right?)  He is a huge advocate for small business and deserves a look over and, in my opinion, your vote.

Ken and Susan Koerber (our lovely organic farmers) and photographer Lisa Mitchell. 

Me and my Pops to the left (I bought him that shirt for his birthday the handsome dude!)

Through the window...My sweet Sarah and her rockin' mom.  They have been dear to my heart for a long time now.  I thought about Lauren as I was eating the chocolate cake, Gail.  She would have loved it!

An outside window fun!  You can see the back of Fine Artist Meghan Karjala...right there in the white shirt!  Besides her paintings, she designs handmade stationary products and these really awesome clothe baby rattles.

Alas....the children somehow escaped from the cage and staged an all out revolt!   Hiding in the cooler and armed with water bottles, they nearly swarmed the joint and took over entirely!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall is Coming!

I must admit--I've tried to fight it.  I have been refusing flowers that fall to closely to the "fall palette".  Poor Jen Carr has been trying to get me to use echinacea pods (which I love in September), rust colored sunflowers, and hot yellows....I just couldn't let go of ocean breeze and mountain high.  Alas--this week I had to--and ya know what? really wasn't that bad!  It was pretty gorgeous as a matter of fact....I'll still work my summer...but embracing a bit of fall is doable.  (Especially because it's for Ashley and Branden's wedding--he's been buying flowers for her for a long time now, and I am excited to have a part in their day!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Specials of the Day(week)

Our Specials of the Day (probably for the rest of the week--as you can see Corey is still dizzy from perfectionistically arting out the menu) are Tanzania Peaberry (recommended to be served via French Press, with Whittled Pipe and a Mountain View-- Uncanoonuc will have to do), our Tea is Mint Verbena, and our Smoothy is "la Victoria" (one of our Humble Kitchen chics came up with the concoction--White Chocolate Mango MMMMyummy.)

Our sweet little Mathew James would like to say hello!  He's been a favorite customer of ours since way back in the embryonic fluid days.  You're adorable!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

For You, Mom/Gramma out there in Minnesota!

I took these pictures today like I said I would for you and caught people enjoying their smoothies out front. :)

Lyss and Patti wishing Chelsea a great freshman year!

Chelsea's in Flight

Chelsea,  I am going to miss you more than you know you my Lovely Mix of Type A Creativity--your systems, lists, and ribbons--whatever will we do without them!!!

I have watched you grow SO much and I am incredibly proud.  You've been a part of Apotheca for almost 2 years and have left a huge imprint on the shop, our customers, and me.  THANK YOU for being you.  Go shine your light girl, and remember, don't get married until your 25 or I WILL hunt you down.  

Get ready world...I guess it's time for me to share. 

Noah and Brynne were both sad to hear you were going.  (BTW, I found Noah's card, I'll mail it to you!  Maybe it will be your first letter!)

AND today was Erin Carr's first day.  You are everything Susan said you'd be, and I am excited about having you here!  Thanks Erin.  (Plus with your genes how could I go wrong, right! ; ))

Last and Least, We are now selling Prince Charming for ONLY $15.  
Sorry, no refunds.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Janet!!!  You brave soul.  Thank you so much for using your eye to capture these.  We started down 114 only to have the back of the Pilot pop open--I swear, your laughing face in the rear view mirror was the only thing that helped me keep my chill 'bout me....Anyway, thankyou...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Apotheca Artists, Consigners, and Contributors

Our Invites for the artist/consigner/contributor get together will be going out tomorrow, so watch your mailbox!  So many of the artists have asked about each other and I am excited for everyone to have a chance to meet.  

p.s. if you know you are an artist, consigner, or contributor and you don't see an invite in your mailbox--don't get mad, just come--you know we want you there! : )


"Every Child is an Artist.

The problem is how to remain an Artist
once he grows UP."


Monday, August 11, 2008

We Made it to the Cover!!!

Last night I was at Barnes & Noble perusing the bridal section (funny, before I got married I never looked at the things---shhh, don't tell) just to stay up to date on the latest fall florals and there, low and behold was the New Hampshire Bride Fall Edition with Apotheca's bouquet on the cover.  Yippee! 


We used a mix of Gypsy Curiosa Roses, French Ranunculus, Maple Leaves, French and Dutch Tulips, and wrapped it in this really pretty fabric rather than ribbon.  I had a funky Kiwi vine over the top--she took a few pictures with the vine just to humor me, and then removed it.  I miss my gnarly twig, but I am so happy to see it on the cover!  Thank you Susan Laughlin for taking such a great picture!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shop Shots of Kelly & Jared

Thank you everyone for working so hard to finish the wedding!  Kelly said she loved it all and they are leaving for their honeymoon today.  We should be getting photos from the wedding photographer shortly, but thanks again to Kristin for taking these!!!

future table number holders

accent vases getting ready for cosmo pink ribbon and the platinum embellishment 
(susan you are the ribbon master)

The happy duo

The Trio, Great job on bringing the placecards to life Patti!  They are gorgeous.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Something's In The Air

Kristen, thank you again for the great pictures!


French Blue Hydrangea, Cape Gardens and the Sea, enlivened with a POP of Cosmopolitan Pink.   Kelly and Jared are getting married this weekend!!!   Their palette inspired this weeks picks--along with some funky finds I couldn't pass up! : )

These garden roses smell INcredible!  Scent shortens the life of a flower, as a result scent has been hybridized right out of the poor things in exchange for longer life--
but some things are worth their raw essence, however short lived.

This Lycopodium is so so cool!  Gnarly and coral like.  Slightly disturbing as all truly interesting things are.

Check out the the China Berries (to the left) and the Dianthus (Dr. Suessy).  The pink Nirine is still shyly hiding in plastic, but her funky petals don't fool me.

Star of Bethlehem...all those eyeballs looking right at ya : )

Droopy amaranthus in red ("love lies bleeding") and green. And, of course, the ever happy Dutch Gerbera (not part of the palette) that lasts for stinkin' ever!

Not sure what was in the air today.....
*something about the mix of rain, espresso, garden roses...amazing color...
Brandi Carlisle in the background *
...but one woman said,
 "this place is euphoric, it's so!" 

(If that offends someone please direct your comments/concerns to Linda am sure my mom will lend a sympathetic ear--)

Later someone made a similar comment...I, personally, am taking that as 
a complete compliment.


Now, where is the French Blue Hydrangea, you might ask?  Foxy Roxy has her boots on--she'll be pilfering --completely legit--later, after the sun goes down.    ???