Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We had a lot of fun designing our GoRed! for women centerpieces this year.  It was held at the Radisson in Manchester.  I must say, it was a little harried trying to get back from Boston to get them there on time!  We have 3 weddings this weekend which required additional flower finding time at thenExchange--that coupled with flat tires and popped headlights--well, let's just say it was quite the morning.  If it weren't for our wonderful Janet who met us at the hotel with the pieces, we would have missed the judging entirely.  Never a dull moment.
 (Thank you Janet!)

Happy Orange Gerbs whose vibrant color refused to be contained
--despite the Floral Fence.

OK, maybe the green balls were a little crazy, 
but I was tired and feeling a little crazy myself.

YUM.  The soft winter pink with the rich red Peony is such an elegant combo--the gray branches offered some sophisticated movement and interesting contrast.

Yup, another crazy thing.

They say true beauty involves a little subsutus disturbia.
OK, so maybe I say that.  I liked the scary white stuff....I need not defend it
: )

Thanks for the great pictures and for staying up late to work on these with me Christi!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank You Main Street!

Thank you Main Street Program and you, Robbie Grady, for the wonderful article you wrote last week.  We're so blessed to live in such a supportive community.  Thank You!!!

Moore Center Event

We were so excited to design the set plants and florals for the Moore Center Annual Meeting which featured 2 Broadway Stars! Earlier this year Moore Center clients were able to go to New York and see the Lion King on Broadway, and this event honored that special outing as well as celebrating another great year of enriching lives!

Seeing and hearing this creative family using their talent together was a gift! It brought tears to our eyes as we peered through the dividers in the back of the great hall : )

Christi and I really wanted to ask to have our picture taken with them, but we felt like idiots. Kristin, being far braver, pushed through the fear of being publicly reprimanded and thereby humiliated and took some shots while they practiced on stage! My hero. Thanks Kristin : )

While Mpho is sitting down in these shots, his enigmatic personality caused him to smile incessantly while jumping and bouncing around the stage-- his body just naturally reacting to the music in such an open, beautiful way. I myself have always been terrified of dancing and I lip-sync to "happy birthday" whenever possible (in the best interest of those around me, I assure you); but being in a room that was largely made up of musical creatives, I marveled at the way they openly broke out in song and fluidly moved to the test music as naturally as talking, laughing, or sneezing.

The Event's Main sponsor was St. Mary's Bank.

We don't usually work in tropicals, but it's safe to say that we had a blast using the interesting greens and punchy colors.

My favorite element was the slightly disturbing jungle vine....creepy cool!

Green Hanging amaranthus gave us some drapey, droopy drama...

Unfortunately the candles aren't lit yet in this photo, but we created a walkthrough area just beyond the main foyer using rented plants--our favorites were the Fiddly Fig trees!!!
(How fun is that to say : ) Fiddly Fig, Fiddly Fig, Fiddly Fig....)
a metal arbor and two iron screens made up of rows of candles. We wanted guest to feel like that were passing through and transitioning into a magical place.

The HUGE elephant ears helped create some fun table-scapes.

Cocktails were served in the Charles Club, which is perhaps my favorite little spot at C.R. Sparks. We kept the floral arrangements simple yet fun for the tiny tables.

Gotta love those Billy Balls! That's as fun to say as Fiddly-Fig.

Our Thanks to the Moore Center for all you do in the lives of so many, and for letting Apotheca contribute to the year-end celebration.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Corey & Alan

WOW!  Long time no blog.  Things have been busy busy as we roll into fall.  I'll try to catch up a bit, but for starters let me give you sneak peak at one of our favorite customers, Alan.  He resides in Goffstown but heads to Maine to teach during the week and returns each weekend to say hi and eat his bagel, toasted with butter and cup of coffee.  He has been a customer of ours for quite a while now, and while his quick smile is one of our favorite things about Alan, he is also more brilliant than the average bear.  Allow me to share an example: upon giving him a peculiar amount of change back--you know, like when the change sometimes rounds itself to a perfect number, like 5.55 or 2.22--I rhetorically commented "what are the odds of that happening?!"  Alan proceeded to tell me exactly what those odds were.  
There are some things people just shouldn't know... : )  
We love seeing your smiling face, Alan, thank you for supporting us....

We took part in the Art of Caring again this year.  The CareGivers Inc. is a great organization that helps the elderly maintain dignity and independence in their platinum years. 
We showcased a beautiful sidetable in our shop and donated a flower arrangement for their online and live auction.

We were so excited to have the shoppe featured in our statewide paper, the Union Leader!  Along with highlighting several other women in business, the article touched on apotheca's young history and recent expansion into the depot.  


November is going to be an exciting month for us!  We have a few fabulous weddings in store and we will be designing set florals for an event for the Moore Center at C.R. Sparks featuring Broadways Tshidi Manye and Horace Rogers.  The Moore Center is a fantastic organization that assists families and individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries.  
We will be having an artist reception for our soon to be revealed artist on November 14 (which also happens to be my sweet little bro Benji's birthday).  Not to mention Thanksgiving!!!  "Moore" soon! (yeah, that was pretty cheesy--oh well : ))

Gorgeous orange ranunculus ( I am so glad they are back in season, July, August, and Sept. can be so lonely without the little buggers) and scented freesia (favorite of Jill, another regular customer whom we adore).

Anemone are also coming back--on the lower left you can see my fav.--white with black eye.--next to KILlEr bi-color mini-gerbera daisies.  I love flowers : )