Friday, October 30, 2009

Open Mic Night Pix!

Thank you everyone who came to open mic night! Louie, you were the best 6'3" bumble bee I ever did see...Janet, I loved your "Ancient Apothecan" garb--the leaf was magic. : ) Adam--you're so brave! Jake and Evan--you guys are AMAzing. Cabe, your stage was perfect. 

Monday, October 12, 2009

September Wedding

The centerpieces involved two separate elements that we visually and physically "tied" together with Bear Grass and Dendrobium Orchid blooms.  We hid our mechanics with a bit of moss.

Accent cube

LOTS of accent cubes

We always like to use the vase not just as a purpose filled vessel, but as an important part of the design.  We clustered together Tomatillos with bullion wire and used a few Green Dendrobium Orchid blooms to break it up a bit.

Happy little Tomatillos families!

Bridal Bouquet head shot...

We wrapped the bridal bouquet in a tangerine ribbon with a ballerina tie overlay in an Oyster colored satin.  It was cuffed with a lace handkerchief that belonged to the brides Grandmother.

we gave the lace rosette a vintage brass "flower center".

Because the Bridesmaids wore tangerine and we wanted the bouquets to "pop", we designed them using all green flowers with dark scabiosa and black dahlia.  They were wrapped with orange satin, orange dupioni silk, and a small raw silk tangerine buckle.  So pretty!

For the bar we had a series of three "nests".  One green, one orange,  
and one yellow.  We made the nests out of Ti leaves and nestled monochrome groupings of flowers placed atop tall cylinder vases of varying heights. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Pumpkins are Coming!!!

The Giant Pumpkins are coming:
October 17 - 18!

Tons of pumpkins (literally) and loads of fun! Join us in Goffstown Village as pumpkin growers vie for the state championship and watch the pumpkins turn into boats. Food, fun, art, and more --- it's the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off and Regatta Weekend!

View our town's Main Street Program "pumkin page" for details.