Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it Snow!

Tammy Gross Brought in some of her delightful Donut ornaments at last!  Thanks Tammy. 
 (an extremely talented local artist with an awesome, quirky style.)

Let it Snow....Seriously, I want Snow!  Don't you?  There's something about those tiny, one of a kind white flakes falling from our big, big sky that make me so darn happy!  So do beautiful things--whether lovingly or accidently placed in a visually pleasing manner it can be, dare I say it....?...far better than chocolate.
Inspiring Placement of Objects, i.e. soul stirring still life design, is good medicine.  The other day I was so overcome with the "I.P.O" I lept into Kristen's arms--no, she didn't fall over. 
  (thanks so much Christi!  Ed and Kristin, the shots are 
awesome, thank you.)

This adorable pair of salt and pepper shakers proudly held their own despite being stuffed with antique hydrangea and cedar--lovely china berries spilling over the edge...

A tiny cyprus tree thrives under a Cloche.  Hopefully I won't kill him any time soon.  He's cute.

Patti did this gorgeous winter pink arrangement.  

MMmm.  Mercury Glass.  Don't get me wrong, I love tarnished, neglected silver, and oxidized galvanized pails, but not much compares to the polished, imperfect beauty of mercury glass...especially in the company of a brown black bird.

Hippy Mike gifted Apotheca some wicked cool "junk".  There is no dearer gift than one that holds historic unknowns and worms a useful way into today.  Christi re-covered the chairs with our personal favorite Amy Butler fabric, and VOILA!  These lead-laiden beauties are home at last...(thank you Mike!)

We are carrying white Milk Balls this season--fabulous because they never melt, however, they are not recommended for snowball fights.   And, they look nice on a mantle nestled in cedar and lights--with maybe a dusting of fake snow. We are using them in arrangements later on this month for an event we have at Copley Place in Boston.  We'll definitely post shots of that! 

We are carrying these adorable spruce seedlings that make a wonderful gift--"plant a tree" why not. : )

Some of Rosanna's holiday ceramic serving ware.  

Same shots after 4pm:

Our Most Popular Gift from Last Year is Back!  Cat Nip.  Kinda Funny huh?

Holiday gifts from Thymes, Tea Forte, and Mary Lake Thompson


Lindz (Yankee Girl Designs) said...

Whoa, those lil doughnuts are soooo cute! I'm going to swing by this weekend with loads of new goodies for ya. Quote necklaces, silver cuffs, earrings, Mama Jewelry, all kinds of stuff.

Apotheca Flower Shoppe said...

Yeah! Can't wait to see ya and your goodies! I hope your art show went well!~