Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Friends Meet Again

Yesterday we went to the amazing League of New Hampshire Craftsman Fair.  It is just spectacular to see so many talented people flanked by the fruits of hours and hours spent honing their craft and perfecting their art.  Something special happened while I was there  yesterday and I wanted to share it, but first some background:

When we first opened the shop, I was in search of a potter.  I prayed for a potter, someone of the earth, someone with unique wares, someone who was good--not just in craft but in spirit.

My mom and I were driving through Northwood, New Hampshire when I spied a sign that led me to the work of a Mr. Jon Zentner.  I didn't meet Jon that day, but I met his pots.  They were incredible.  So much texture, unpredictable interest, and yes, an amazing earthy quality. I was to later learn that this comes from wood firing with knowledge and fabulously intuitive technique.  

When I finally did meet Jon it was a memorable opportunity!  He was a very tall man in stature but with a gentle, humble spirit, full of peace and--for reasons I'm not sure how to articulate--he was a someone that left an impression.  His presence in a room inspired a person to be a little think a little listen dig a little deeper into the clay...what ever your clay might be.  Jon Zenter died in 2008 and is missed by so many. 

So here I am, 2012 in Sunapee surrounded by beautiful things...but there is one collection of objects I just can't shake. They involve some pieces of pottery at the booth of Becca and Nathan Webb of TwoPotters. 

I had left their gorgeous display of wares, circled around a couple times, walked clear back to the opposite end of the fair, but still couldn't shake it.  Finally, credit card in hand, Cochlea and I walked back.  I had to buy one of their butter keepers.  Standing there, hemming and hawing in front of three fantastic options...a drip of glaze and fabulously messy spackle on the back of one of the pieces caught my eye..."Jon Zenter"--his name popped into my spirit.  Instantly I knew that somehow, in whatever large or small way, there was a piece of Jon in this clay.  I turned to Becca Webb, "Did you know a man named Jon Zenter."  "Yes, we did".  I didn't ask details.  

Perhaps I formed my own conclusions right or wrong about the relationship among the potters...but as I paid for the butter keeper I thought to myself, how beautiful to be an live forever. When you pour yourself openly into a love of creating, that love spills onto other people.  You share with each other through inspiration, motivation,  interpretation, evolution, one way or another your creative endeavors live on long after you are gone.  Thank you, Jon and thank you, Becca and Nathan Webb.  My Jon Zentner Syrup Keeper is so happy to have the company of TwoPotters' Butter Keeper. 

Two Friends meet again, this time on my shelf.



Michèle Hastings said...

Your post gave me goosebumps. As you may remember, John and I were a couple when he passed away... John and I both enjoyed Becca's pots and bought one or two, every year that we went to the fair together.
Your description of John was touching and true. Those were the very reasons that I fell in love with him.
I miss him everyday.
Thank you for this post.
be well,

Linda Starr said...

what a wonderful post.

nancy said...

I'm John's sister, Nancy. It is incredible to me how many people he touched outside of our little family circle. We do miss him. Every day. He was a gentle spirit and he was and is much loved. Thank you for your touching post.

smartcat said...

Hi Alyssa....I found you via Michele's blog. What a lovely post. There is a feeling of a circle completed.

Becca Webb said...

Alyssa, thank you for this lovely post . . . so glad your new butter keeper has found an old friend. :) Be well and enjoy, ~Becca