Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SHINE Group Project!

{SHINE } is a social group for senior citizens that encourages its members to get out and have a good time while focusing on spiritual and physical health.  We were able to go visit for a second time for another floral project.  They are such a wonderful group of people!  Thanks for having us Barbara :)

We used mixed seasonal greens, cherries with edible glitter, pinecones, and things that would have a good chance of lasting beautifully until Christmas.

 It was so great to Marilyn--she has had a tough year.

Thanks so much Sarah for coming with me!
{there's Esther!} 

Rachel is the Angel that made it possible for Marilyn to spend the 
morning with us!  She's fantastic.

I could talk to Harold all Day!

Joan Stevens is one of the SHINE coordinators.

The group!  
Anna Bloom, Jane Dogherty {my neighbor!}, Betty Applin, Me, Sarah,
Sandy, Alice Slattum, Betty Hambleton, Joan Stephens, Esther, 
Barbara,Harold, Rachel, and Marilyn.  

{my sweet Barbara }

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Sprout said...

New layout!

I want your sweet Barbara's hair! I hope mine looks like that when I'm ready to give up the color. :-)

Happy New Year!