Monday, March 9, 2009


THANK YOU!!!  To Everyone who participated both in the audience and at the mic on Thursday.  We filled the house thanks in no small part to our fabulous Goffstonians at large, as well as Mike Livingston, Barbara, Louie, Real Falu's two man band, Kirk McDermit, and his class, and all!  

Papa and Brynne sang "Yellow Rose of Texas"  

Real Falu Two Man Band.  

The Fabulous Louie shared some of his fav. Charles Bukowski picks.
WE had so many wonderful participants, but I forgot my camera and our "in house photographers" (Janet & Kristin) weren't able to come.  Sorry--we'll make sure to have images to share next time!

Corey you were AWESOME!  Thanks so much for all you put into making our first Open Mic Night a success!!!   You rock our world.


Anonymous said...

Let us know next time!! Advertize!!!

deb said...

Oh my goodness! You are doing tons of fun things there. Yay you! Looks like fun.